You Can Grow Tomato Sauce!

Grow tomato the garden? Well, actually, we grow sauce tomatoes and convert them to fresh roasted puree.

Can you just imagine the homegrown fresh flavor of a garden tomato, available year 'round for creating your favorite dishes?

Spagetti, Pizza, Tomato's really fun and easy...

We are not professional gardeners or gourmet chefs. We are a family that enjoys eating homegrown, homecooked food!

We have always grown tomatoes in our garden for fresh eating, but after we tasted puree from roasted tomatoes, we were inspired. The recipe was so simple and the flavor so good that we wondered what it would be like made with real sauce tomatoes.

So we grew some.

The resulting flavor was so amazing that we decided to see just how much sauce we could grow. Our record is now up to 170 lbs of tomatoes with 36 plants!

The purpose of this website is to share what we've learned over the years and inspire others to give it a try. This is truly a journey with plenty of options for where to begin. Topics include (but are not limited to):

- Tomato varieties

- Starting seeds or acquiring plants

- Design and plant the garden

- Solve tomato garden problems

- Harvesting and cooking

Our victories and blunders are described here so hopefully, you can be successful right from the start. Ready? Let's grow some tomato sauce!

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