Care for Growing Tomato Plants

Your growing tomato plants are in the easy part of the journey from "seed to sauce." Some tasks can vary depending on whether your tomato plants are

"Determinate" or "Indeterminate" varieties. Once you know which type you have, you can follow this list of simple tasks to do during this phase.

1. Check supports as plants grow--at least once a week to make adjustments. This just means lifting a leaf or branch to the next level of the support to keep it as centered as possible inside.

If you are stringing-up, it means stringing up new branches as they appear or further winding string to encompass new growth.

If staked, tie plants to the stake as they grow. If you wait too long between adjustments, it will be much more difficult to move a leaf or branch without breaking it. Keeping growing tomato plants well-supported will allow them to handle a heavy load of fruit later on.

2. Remove weeds. Weeds steal water and nutrients away from your tomato plants so yank them out when they show up.

3. Check soil moisture around plants by sticking your finger in about 2 inches down to make sure it remains moist but not wet. How often you water will depend on your soil. Sandier soil will need more frequent watering than more composty soil.

4. Fertilize. The fertilizer that I use recommends one application when plants go in the ground and just one more when the blossoms appear.

5. Raise and lower plastic covering depending on the temperature. If your beds are covered in plastic like mine, you can clip the plastic up in the morning

and lower it at night for more successful pollination.

6. Watch for signs of trouble and maintain control methods. I recommend using safe, organic solutions. They are better for the environment and better for you. After all, you are going to eat what grows on your plants. Click here for more information on tomato problems and solutions.

7. Prune tomato plants according to your needs and preferences.

8. Relax and dream of harvest time!

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