Organic Tomato Garden Solutions

Tomato garden problems fall into three main categories: pests, diseases, and nutrient deficiency. The links below each lead to pages that describe the problems, causes and symptoms along with organic solutions for each problem. 

By employing only non-toxic, organic methods to tomato sauce gardening challenges, you can help to protect the environment, the gardener and most importantly, the health of those who will eat the tomato sauce.

Tomato plant pests 

Over the years, I have had to contend with tunneling creatures, slugs and the occasional rat. I know one gardener who had to protect her crop from a large turtle, so apparently tomato sauce garden pests really come in all shapes and sizes. Click on the link for more info on this subject.

Tomato plant deficiencies 

Nutritional deficiencies in tomato gardens can often be traced back to the soil. Having  the soil tested and amended prior to planting will go a long way towards avoiding nutritional deficiencies. More specific information can be found through this link.

Tomato plant disease

There are several specific diseases that can affect tomato plants. Most of them are actually fungus-related. By growing tomato plants under a cover so they aren't exposed to rain, you can avoid a number of fungus-related problems. Use this link to get more information on the various diseases, their symptoms and ways to deal with them organically.

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