Solutions for Tomato Plant Problems

Nutrient deficiencies can also cause tomato plant problems. Here are symptoms to look for and suggestions for treatment:

Deficiency: Magnesium

Symptoms: Yellowing between leaf veins with the older leaves affected first.

Treatment: Spray, drench or sprinkle magnesium sulfate around the base.

Deficiency: Calcium

Symptoms: Blossom End Rot--a hard, dark flattened patch appears at the blossom-end of the fruit.

Cause: Can be due to inconsistent watering. Can also happen during a high-growth stage when more calcium goes directly to the new, growing tissues

Treatment: Sometimes this will solve itself, however make sure to Water consistently and apply a layer of mulch on the soil.

Deficiency: Nitrogen

Symptoms: Stunted growth and older leaves turn yellow.

Treatment: Apply dried blood meal, well-composted manure or soybean meal.

Deficiency: Phosphorous

Symptoms: Purple cast on leaves--seedlings often have this but outgrow it once they are transplanted their roots grow to reach this nutrient in the soil.

Treatment: Apply bonemeal

Deficiency: Potassium

Symptoms: Older leaf margins turn yellow and brown. Dead parts become crunchy and may fall off.

Treatment: Apply Green sand, kelp meal or wood ashes--keep in mind that wood ashes will raise the pH of the soil.


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